Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Color assignment

For my final project in Visual Concepts B I will re-paint typical street signs that well
people would find on the street. The point of this is to juxtapose a common street sign, something
that everyone knows and completly change the colors and see how people react.
To change a regular Stop sign from red and white to a ca,oflauge colorway would be something.
To see how people react to a camoflauged stop sign, or even a blue stop sign. Would people react the same
way, would they disobey the sign? In a way these are the questions that i am trying to answer by doing this

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Color me Crazy!!

In the world of color not everything can be determined by interpretation,
colors mean different things to different people, and the meaning of color
changes from one person to the next. In essence yes color has everything
to do with mood and feeling, but for who?
Who decides what color makes them feel a certain way?
What is the basis behind the color?
To each his very own, black makes me feel good
and green can sometimes depress me, as well as excite me.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Preferences in Color

Question of the day: Why is it that certain colors work well with one another than others?
Because that is just how color works. This topic has been left up to discussion many times and still
no conclusion has come about. The reason why is because there is no conclusion at all. Color preference
has to do with the person who wears the color. The funny thing about color preference is that the preference is left up to the person wearing the color. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say, and so is the eye for color on a person.

"Hey Mr. DJ! Spin That One Again!!"

Something wild about color is it's ability to represent almost anything, a thought, a moment, a person, an emotion, or an album cover? It is interesting to look back and see how different recording artists choose album covers based on different varibles of color. One cannot say for sure that the color reflects the music one hundred percent, but it does have to do with it just a bit.
Take for example Iron Maiden's Fear of The Dark album cover; the gouls, and monsters are their trademark characters for albums and the colors work exceptionally well. In history Iron Maiden album covers were some sort of crazy scene being depicted, it was very bloody, and very graphic, and had some semblance of red hues in it. Fear of The Dark has nothing of that, sure the creature is scary but its not brutalizing the innocent or death and decay. The creature is lit by an eerie blue aurora of the night sky, and jagged scary trees all abound. The tracklist featured alot of experimentation from the band as well as an album cover designed by Melvyn Gran, all this can be traced back to the unorthodox album cover and color scheme used for it.
Oppositely, another famous album cover that gave a sense of the music would be Prince's Purple Rain. The mood of the whole album can be felt from just the album cover, or just Prince on a purple motorcycle, but more so the color scheme from the album. The cover is a photograph of Prince sitting on the aforementioned motorcycle, looking pretty badass, there is a woman off in a doorway, and there is an ominous blue light behind the back tire each suggesting more. The cover goes right along with the subject matter, about love, lust, and that very special lady.
In essence the colors used on alot of albums for musicians translates to how the music might sound.

Color or the Lack Of?

In the world of color one must become bored, so that is where the black and white photographers come in.
Color photographs can be amazing, but the beauty behind a black and white photograph is something else. The stark portrayal of subject matter through B&W film is something different. It is the loss of color that makes the image. You form a one-ness with the viewer, everything becomes the same.
It is these points exactly that personify a black and white image. Why viewers across the world fall in love with black and white images. Perhaps it is the triple combination of blacks, greys, and whites. The Adsence of color. A black in white image is just that the absence of that same color that is almost a mystery to the viewer. In some whys black and white images are unpredictable, where as the colors on a color image are easily transferable. You do not always know what you will end up with when it comes to black and white images but it is a surprise nonetheless.
B&W photography is a refreshing break from the world of color, it is a reminder that there is a world outside of color imagery. Nevertheless we should make an attempt to not forget the full value of B&W photography and apperciate it for its nuances.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2008 Or 88'?

The 80’s were quite a while ago, fast forward to 2008, and it comes right back. I should have listened to a good friend that made a very stark prediction at the end of 2006 who said that the 80s were going to return. I step out side, and its 85’ again today. But why has the youth decided to run back to the days of the snap caps, old flair and timeless skinny jeans? More importantly people have now started to bring back color into the scheme. But why is the question. Color perhaps? I think so.
There was a time when all one needed to do was to put on a white t-shirt and accommodating sneakers in order to look presentable. Today it’s a storm of color! I see kids walking down the street with the full color wheel on their dunks, and a similar Alife t-shirt, with a jacket that is 24 different shades of neon green. Its wild to me, and perhaps it is a sign of the times, or maybe history repeating itself. Kids today walking around looking good now are in more of a need to in essence “Pop Out,” or get noticed. Walking around in the flair of the 80s does it for many reasons. Against the back drop of a city a person walking around looking like a glowing neon Will Smith circa 86’ with catch my attention better than someone walking in a leather jacket and boots. The sneaker company Puma has decided to take a time machine back to the mid 80s with the new Yo! MTV Raps series. Granted the shoes are nice and the colors are pretty awesome to say the least, I cannot shake the notion of returning to my birth period. Reebok has also been a perpetrator re-releasing various shoes back on to the market most notably the Pump, and Reverse Jam shoes.
In essence, is the world of street wear shot because we cannot elaborate any further into the future? I think not, I think that color is here to stay, it is just being reinvented through the 80s and the youth choosing to wear that particular garments.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Color and the world around You!

Color may perhaps be the essence of everything around us. Everything has and will always have color. It is a part of everyday life, and it cannot be ignored. Irregardless of whether or not you get out of bed you view colors. In class today it was our task to go out and photograph different objects with color.
I have a picture of a piece of artwork on display at a middle school in the area. The piece is very vibrant and colorful. The bright hues give way to an intricate design that is quite inviting. Though it looks juvenile the piece is actually well thought out with the patterns and cuts of glass. Overall the piece is a real feast on the eyes. Thus the piece is visually appealing and works well especially being that is was displayed infront of an art oriented middle school.

Another picture that I have is one of different stickers that graf writers have stuck to the back of a sign. At first sight one might think that the color value means nothing, but looking again the illustrations and handstyles actually all work well together. The lack of color and the semblance of color as well.